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Classless Act came to the House of Blues in Chicago opening for Dorothy during her spring tour and before they head back out this summer opening for Motley Crue and Def Leppard‘s Stadium Tour. Let me just say “HOLY SHIT”! For an opening band, these guys “literally” blew my mind! Not only were they super fun but they also brought so much talent to the stage!

Classless Act is the next big L.A. Rock Band and consists of Derek Day (Vocals), Dane Pieper (Guitar), Griffin Tucker (Guitar), Franco Gravante (Bass), and Chuck McKissock (Drums).

The only thing that was wrong with their set was that it wasn’t longer. I really did enjoy each of the 8 songs songs they played. A personal highlight for me was when they did a cover of Guns N’ Roses‘ Civil War. Derek Day sounded just like a young Axl Rose when singing! Another thing to note is Dane, Griffin, and Franco all know how to have fun on stage. It was great to watch from a fan stand point to see them take up “power stands” and start flipping their hair and seeing them shred. It was great from both being able to photograph these moments and as a fan watching in the crowd. It just screams “Rock N Roll”! Behind behind the drums doesn’t mean that it needs to be boring and it was really fun to see Chuck having fun also and interacting with the rest of the band. There is an obvious friendship between them all and it’s really enjoyable to watch, especially when Derek got behind Chuck and sang bringing everyone’s attention that direction.

To show appreciation to the noise the crowd was making, Derek got off the stage on climbed onto the barricade to sing with the crowd during the 5th song. Their fans went wild and it was a really fun moment to see the excitement and appreciation from the audience.

If you have the chance, I’d say to see these guys now before they blow up. This way you’ll be able to brag to all your friends that you saw them first. If you are going to see Dorothy or heading out to The Stadium Tour, I’d highly recommend getting there early and checking these guys out! Or head to for all things band related.

By: Alexandra Geshel


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