Classless Act – See Them Now, Thank Me Later!

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Every now and again you run across a band which you can immediately categorize as “I saw them when” for future conversations.  Classless Act is one of those bands! The band bounced into Philadelphia supporting Dorothy’s “GIFTS FROM THE HOLY GHOST TOUR,” and they did not disappoint.

The band released their debut single, “Give It To Me” last summer, and the song immediately caught fire being listed on Spotify’s “Weekly Wire” playlist.  The band also caught the attention of Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee who described them as “the next gen of rock!”

On this Sunday evening, I walked towards the stage as bowling pins were crashing in the lanes in the left side of this massive room. Yes you heard that right, bowling lanes.  It is one of the most unique layouts for a venue, Brooklyn Bowl-Philadelphia original located in the ever-growing Fillmore building.  The newest addition has upscale bowling lanes on the first floor, but travel up to the second floor, and the room is split into a stage area on the right, and a VIP bowling area on the left.  AND IT WORKS!!!  Why not rent a lane, and brag to your friends that you have a rock act performing while you attempt a 7-10 split?

The band ran out on to the stage with major energy.  Lead singer Derek Day worked the entire stage area (and then some) as the band banged out solid song after song. The band performed their latest release “This Is For You” which features Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, and announced that the song just reached 20,000 streams!!  Bandmates Dane Pieper (Guitar), Griffin Tucker (Guitar), and Franco Gravante (Bass), twisted and moved across the stage hitting all the rock poses at just the right moments for each song.  All of this in front of the fantastic beats provided by Chuck McKissock. I really enjoyed their cover of Guns N’ Roses’ “Civil War” note for note.  The band exhibited tightness which is usually seen from bands twice their age.  The main observation was the genuine enjoyment which you could see all over their faces.

Source: Front Row Perspective

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